[wp_ad_camp_1] Antonio Giacca, originally from Rome (Italy) has lived and travelled all over the world to produce and perform his music headlining parties in Italy, Spain, United States, Mexico, England, Denmark, Brazil and Switzerland to name a few. Antonio is now based in Los Angeles, where he gets in the studio with International artists from […]

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Alpine Universe EDM Publicist


[wp_ad_camp_1] Alpine is a new music project developed by the French multi-instrumentalist and producer Andy Favre. He is best known for winning the Insomniac Discovery project and performing in front of thousands of people at festivals such as DadaLand: The Voyage (opening for Dada Life) , the Fire Mix Party (France) or Nocturnal Wonderland (California). […]

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Kalm Kaoz dance music pro


[wp_ad_camp_1] The name Kalm Kaoz is a definitive paradox, and once hearing the music from this electronic House music producer, the name makes complete sense. The beats created by SlingR are a scintillating, combining an inherent undercurrent of joy and optimism, combined with intensely chaotic frenzy and groove of House music. The DJ formed Kalm […]

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Earbutter dance music promotion publicist


[wp_ad_camp_1] Earbutter is a multi talented musician and extreme sports athlete living in Los Angeles California. Whether it’s rocking house music venues, Trap venues, Top 40 clubs, Tablist routines events, Drum and Bass, or Dub-step parties, Earbutter is moving the crowd with profound turntable routines, intricate lyrics and original tracks with a unique assortment of […]

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Book Hibernate


HIBERNATE OFFICIAL | HIBERNATE YOUTUBE A native of Toronto, Canada, Joseph Michael Borg has been involved with music since the age of 15. The younger sibling of a musician, Joseph would watch his brother’s band rehearse, taking note of the guitarist. Soon he became a guitarist himself, often skipping school so he could improve his skills on the instrument. After […]

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