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Luca Draccar


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There is no limit to what supreme producer and techno house savvy Luca Draccar can achieve- his delightfully impressive discography captures the sonic variation and warmth of staggering electronic music style with his catalog boasting of the techno house, deep house, future house, vibrant EDM tracks that undeniably pique the interests of global listeners. This magnificent creator with Italian roots has been able to reimagine electronic music and painted it with his indelible mark to authenticate it and ensure it carries its own originality. After making waves with his 3-track EP, “Sugar”, he is back on the scene with another impassioned 4-track EP dubbed “Supreme Emptiness”.

From the title itself, you can already tell this is a unique masterclass and you will marvel at the sheer level and impact his authoritative stamp makes throughout this EP. You can get to dance with reckless abandon under the melting glow emanating from the sparkling and powerful beats in,

“Change Yourself”- the gist of the melody resides particularly under the repeated vocal drops of, “Change yourself” with the thumping beats making your heart beat to the cadence!

“Mind and Soul” is deep from the start with some atmospheric beats grooving their way to the mind and soul and the distant but audible vocals glowing with just enough shades of seduction to keep a listener intrigued.

“Move on” is a timeless classic- a triumphant single that makes its mark time and time again! It can boost the vibe in any type of setting; whether you’re just listening in the privacy of your home, working out in a gym or in the club having the night of your life!

“Let it slide let it bleed” is a stunner in deep techno transcendence with its speedy and jumpy beats that feature thrillingly distorted arpeggios. You will marvel at the cinematic glamour in the hauntingly effective vocals that accompany the beats and endear themselves to the listener- absolutely magical!

This is one of those EPs that feel timeless and every track in there is a worthy addition and capable of transforming any playlist to its absolute best. Follow the attached link and let these 4 tracks color your playlist. Wear them with pride and let everyone know and feel your style for it is remarkably splendorous!



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