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ROKSONIX are an EDM dj/producer duo hailing from North London signed to the mighty Circus Records.


What is coming up for you guys in the coming months production wise?

Well collectively Circus Records have finished our most recent project being the new Circus Records album ‘Circus Two’. Our offering is a brand new track untitled ‘Feel Good’ which is available to buy at all download stores now as part of the Circus Two Sampler…….the full 25 track album is out on the 13th May and features new tracks from ourselves and the rest of the Circus Records crew. As well as new tracks it’s features some of the biggest tracks from the crew over the last 2 years.

With the Album all tied up we are now working on so much new music. Currently we are just finishing up a track we have done with the amazing vocalist Ayar Marar which should see the light of day in July followed by a remix EP.

After that we will be finishing up an 8 track EP to be released on Circus Records around Sept/Oct. We are really excited about this EP and both enjoying working on different genres and sounds we haven’t touched before so really looking forward to getting them finished and out there.

When you don’t listen to dance music, what Do you listen to?

When I have had the chance of late I have been listening to a lot of Frank Ocean and Jamie Woon. I still find myself listening to a lot of Hip hop these days favorites of mine including Mos Def, Nas and Common get played a lot in my car. But to be honest I listen to so much varied genres of music it really depends what mood I’m in and I don’t care what type of music it is….if it’s good it’s good!

What can we find on your rider?

Our rider doesn’t actually contain anything too outrageous or overly interesting………yet haha! It’s more pretentious nibbles more than anything else featuring

pita bread, humus and a cheese platter haha plus a bottle of Jack and beers to wash it all down.

dance music newsWhat is the nicest thing a fan ever said to you?

Fans say a lot of nice things but it’s always amazing to be told that your someones favorite producer. Also we pride ourselves on our DJ performance so it’s great to get some recognition and to be told by a fan it’s the best show they have ever been too, which whether they mean it or not it still feels great and makes it seem all so worth while.

Do you like to go out to listen to sets of other DJs?

To be honest I don’t really go out to watch DJ’s anymore as we get the opportunity to see so many great DJ’s play that are on the same line ups as us when we are on the road. But saying that both of us always try and catch artists we really like when there on the same bill as us, it’s always good to catch up with fellow artists and check out what they are playing. Think the last set I caught was Dillon Francis and Diplo back to back at Ultra, Miami…….was a wicked set!

Did you ever get shy in the presence of someone famous?

Haha it’s a strange thing really you see so many big names on the road you kinda just get used to meeting big doggs all the time. No matter how famous someone is at the end of the day they are just another human being like myself that loves making music and however they are perceived by the rest of the world usually most DJ’s/Artists are very humble and down to earth. I must admit the first time I met Skrillex I was a little on the back foot but after chatting to him for 30 seconds you realize he’s just another guy like me or you. However when I bumped into ‘Slash’ from Guns & Roses and he stood next to me and watched Flux Pavilion and Doctor P play in Miami that was pretty surreal and

I really wanted to try and spark up conversation with him, but I no way had the balls to do it haha! He truly is a legend!

DJ InterviewsIs there anything else you would like to mention?

Well just like to say a massive thank you and send loads of love to everyone that has supported us from the beginning and still does. We have been in this game for nearly 4 years now and it’s by no means easy, but of course we love what we do so much and we are so lucky to be doing what we are doing and without all our fans and followers we wouldn’t be shit so massive thanks to them! And one more thing remember to look out for our new single and remix EP dropping in the next couple of months and of course our 8 track EP dropping after the summer. ‘Circus Two’ is out 13th May don’t forget to go grab your copy we are all so proud of all 25 tracks so make sure you go check it out we assure you you won’t be disappointed!

Peace out people!




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