Luca Draccar Announces New Concept Release ‘Neo Noir Plaisir’



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Dark Techno rhythms kick-start on ‘Margot’, the track is driven by a pulsating bass, thunderous kicks, incessant hi hats, and ominous pads that reverberate to and from the background ambience. Hints of humanism blend with the cold sterile electronics to create a musically cinematic cyborg.

Luca Draccar’s DJ roots are felt on each track, he drives the flow and feel of the project effortlessly to ‘Mouse In Trap’. Hypnotic indecipherable vocals echo in and
out in an erotic tone. The carnal nature is coupled with a deep dark atmosphere, and the percussion takes on the energy of heavy breathing in a psychedelic trippyness. Midway through the track the concoction of glitches, tones, samples, hits, synths, drums, and bass culminate into a climax of ecstasy. As described in the
concept of the project ‘Pleasure on, lights off.’ This phrase acts as a mission statement for ‘Neo Noir Plaisir’ the closing track ‘The Black White Palm’ begins with altered and augment guitars that ping down from distant space giving off signs of the life to come. Eventually the listener is thrown into pounding percussion, oscillating tones, and vaguely familiar exhales of passion from the valley of the uncanny.

The addition of the organic into Luca Draccar’s world is a genius spin that fully expands each track to new spatial extremes. ‘Neo Noir Plaisir’ is a dark, exotic, synthetic, rhythmic roller coaster ride.”


Neo Noir Plaisir

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