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The release of the FREAK FREQUENCY EP comes with an intriguing story: Pierantonio Gualtieri aka ILTORO is a talented artist with a deep passion for various forms of dance music. We caught up with him for an exclusive interview!


You started your career in Italy with two underground labels. Do you miss the scene in Europe?

Yes I love my city Florence my friends and the party scene where I was involved

Was a fantastic moment and the music in my city had always an important rule. I had a special life in Italy made records in the studio, party with thousands of people and a lot of friends, musicians and DJs for making music together. This is what I miss more friends for making music. Here I am always alone in the studio.

What made you decide to move to Thailand?

Most of the time you search to realise what you want but sometimes you are constrict to accept what happens. I moved to Thailand and For the first time I found a place where I feel at home. I’m working hard to destroy all the ego and my personality that make a prison around me.  Thailand teaches me how to be patient and how to destroy your prison.

Can you describe the scene in Thailand and do you sometimes play at surrounding countries as well?

I play in Singapore in the past years and now I start a night once a month and a new experience in Cambodia which I love with very good guys I play first time in pnohm Phen and it’s great! They are thinking to organise an event that would be very nice. Soon I will know something more. Asia is a growing situation the people is so nice and is beautiful to participate at the starting point of the process. Thailand to me for electronic music is koh phangan. But the infamous fullmoon party is gone unfortunately. Luckily we still have few place unattached from the mass eden garden guy’s bar and light house really worth the ticket and you can enjoy psychoactive experience in a fantastic island.

What’s the most beautiful experience you had at an event in Thailand?

For few times at the end of the party around 9 -10 am in the jungle of koh phangan a big birds big like an eagle was landing over the dj booth and stay with us for an hour leaving the people absolutely exstasiated from the presence of such big and wild power animals. Was a big gift no way to made a better ending.

Iltoro Hammarica PR 657 DJ Agency Electronic Dance Music News BlogTell us something more about your new release Freak Frequency EP

This the story of my last year in the studio. I’m researching the way of making something with a human feeling and the power of electronic sound. I built my studio in way that is easy to play the instruments. Many times when you make electronic music you play 2 minutes and than you work 10 hours on editing. I try to invert this process and found the way to be more musical and enjoy more to really play the instruments. I think that about music we don’t know too much. The power of frequency on our body is completely unknown. Music can be the most powerful cure. Like dj Freak frequency is a tool and is up to you how to interact with this tool and bring to life. I work to make it useful and hope you can enjoy and found your way to integrate this sound in your set.

What do you want people to feel when they listen to your music?

I imagine people listen to my music when they smoke ganja or make love in a car. That’s the feeling I really enjoy if you feel that sound really big.

What would be your ultimate goal for the future?

I have a concept of new sound system and club that I develop from years. For now is a dream but Im testing the way to make it possible And I love to play live so I wont to increase this.

Is there anything else you would like to mention

Yes my loves sonja my son miki and my friends without them nothing have a sense.

Iltoro Freak Frequency EP Out Now on Symphonic Distribution

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