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He puts on the next record, then turns around and goes back to her. I was like “OK, WTF is going on?” I peak up over the decks. All I see is her legs go up, and the DJ’s bare ass…


You recently broke all your bones after receiving a retarded song request. How long will your recovery take you estimate?

Doctors are saying not until my next gig, in Feb/March. To properly recover doctors said I have to avoid music containing Afrojack, David Guetta, Steve Angello, LMFAO, Black Eyed Peas, Avicii, and Trance.

Would you recommend a career as a DJ to young kids? What are the pros and cons?

Is the Pope Catholic and making the world safe for pedophiles? YES.

Pros: You learn how to count to 4, and you get to help out Single Moms.

Cons: You may often be mistaken for a Jukebox/Wedding/Bar Mitzvah DJ that takes song requests from selfish guests. Especially if you play clubs in Vegas, and certain clubs in Miami. [Wink]

Do you know any secrets from other DJs their fans are not aware of?

Yes. Tell you in the next question.

Describe the wildest night from your career.

There was this Thanksgiving party a few years back. My friends and I all went to see DJ (too hot for print/censored) perform at the Electric Pickle. A couple I am friends with was having issues right in front of us. The girlfriend became extra friendly with all the guys. It wasn’t long before she wandered up on the stage and got all over DJ (too hot for print/censored) while he was playing an all vinyl set. She goes behind him and sits down on a seat in the corner. He puts on the next record, then turns around and goes back to her. I was like “OK, WTF is going on?” I peak up over the decks. All I see is her legs go up, and the DJ’s bare ass… Then he comes back, and mixes in the next record. Yes sir. DJ (too hot for print/censored) is a true superhero. Her bf wasn’t so thrilled of course. Worst breakup I ever saw.

On another note, years ago I performed at this little club in Vegas named Blush. Really solid party. I linked up with an awesome local crew and we continued the party at this little 24hr strip club The Velvet Lion, DJ set up and all. DJing at a stripclub – My life long dream come true. About 2pm The next day I remember walking out to a cab. The security guy out front goes “JESUS CHRIST WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR.” I turned around with a big grin, and replied “A NUCLEAR EXPLOSION.” We all laughed for about 5 minutes solid including the cab driver. The cab driver and I laughed all the way to Caesars.

Which is the brand of headphones you trust? And is there a specific model you really like?

Kanye West comes out of nowhere and steals the Mic – “Yo Mike Miro, I’m really happy for you, I’ma let you finish, but BEATS BY DRE PHONES ARE THE BEST HEADPHONES OF ALL TIME!”

Mike Miro: Ok… well I’ve been using the Sony MDR V700s forever. I’ve listened to headphones my friends use and can’t say I thought any were significantly better. I really need to get out and demo a bunch one day. Surprised I haven’t. I always demo pro audio products thoroughly before buying. I pay attention to the brand of speakers each nightclub uses. I prefer the sound from Electro Voice/Dynacord pro audio. Their line of headphones is branded Telex. If they made DJ headphones, they’d probably be the best.

Which DJs from EDM became your personal friends?

RiotGear (Booby Boucher and Mr. Andy Dufresne), and well too many to list.

What is your drink of choice before you get on stage?

Froo-Froo girly drinks with tiny umbrellas give me the energy to fight off my demons

or an Ice Cold Miller Lite

Is there any genre of EDM you would never play?

I was at this Country themed titty bar, and they were playing EDM. Then this country song comes on. I looked up and saw a music video playing of a live performance at Ultra on the big screen. I was like something’s not matching up. Then Avicii comes up on the credits, and it all made sense. So whatever genre that song is in… Country-Lectro-Bop? – Not happening. Trance? – Maybe if I drove a Delorean 88 miles per hr and ended up in 1998.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

– Keep your eye on the prize

– Don’t answer your phone. Bury all your money in your backyard.

– There’s a really good taco truck in Delray by a corn field off 441 & Atlantic

– How to prepare a lady a proper Portuguese Breakfast

– It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside. Whether you’re white, or black or sasquatch, even. As long as you follow your dream no matter how crazy or against the law it is. Except for sasquatch, if you’re a sasquatch, the rules are different.

Do you have a radio show or podcast?

Yes. I’ve been producing a show for several years now called “Natural Selection.” It’s a “best of” whatever I hear from around that random time.

Have you tried the Dubstep DJ Name Generator on What was your result?

Dubstep Dispute

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

Ain’t no parking on the dance floor

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