Massachusetts Recording Artist The ZYG 808 Releases Some New Heat!

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Two-time Grammy-nominated recording artist and producer The ZYG 808 is back with a brand new track entitled, “Not Prepared”. Self-produced, the track is backed by a hard hitting bassline and a gorgeous melody which The ZYG 808 rides perfectly, bar after bar. On the first verse he raps; “In the vocal booth in the middle of a thunderstorm, getting new ideas every time I go to press record / Thankful for my family they protect me like a ninja sword, going up in flames like a glitch up in the circuit board”.

The ZYR 808 definitely doesn’t hold back when it comes to his lyrical ability. In a watered down hip hop world where dope lyrics usually don’t get the respect they deserve, you might not be ready for The ZYG 808’s sick pen game. There’s only one way to find out; press play and find out exactly what your ears have been missing, musically. Now that you’ve been warned…you won’t be able to say that you’re not prepared.

Not Prepared is now available on all platforms.

Not Prepared ZYG 808

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The ZYG 808 Bio:

Morgan James Peters II, (born June 11th, 2003) professionally known by his stage name The ZYG 808, is a mixed-genre recording artist, songwriter, and music producer from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He was born in the Bronx, New York. He is the son of Grammy-nominated Jazz recording artist, Mwalim. The ZYG 808’s grandmother bought him his first drum set at the age of four in an attempt to stop him from banging on things in the house. When he was seven he made his debut as a session percussionist on his father’s House music album. By the time he was eleven years old, he was headlining the Boston Jazz Fest as a jazz drummer.

He would later join The Grammy-nominated funk band, The Groovalottos as a percussionist. He is currently the group’s drummer as well as a member of their production team. He was nominated for two Grammys in the rap category for his songs, “El Concerto” and “The Explanation” in 2018. The ZYG 808’s first release was a mixtape entitled, “At The Party”, which was released in the summer of 2018. He released his first full-length album entitled, “BoOMBAPJaZz” in 2019. In 2021, he released seven singles, “Glory of History” (1/2021), “Pioneers” (2/2021), “Gymnastics” (3/2021), “Real Emcees” (4/2021), “Another 1” (5/2021), “THUMPIN” featuring The GroovaLottos, and “Not Prepared” (9/2021), as well as two E.P.’s, Beat Lounge Notes” (6/2021), and “YET ANOTHER 1” (10/2021), respectively. In 2021, The ZYG 808 was the recipient of the Alexander Holmes Memorial Scholarship, the Prince Hall Scholarship for Music, and the NAACP of Cape Cod Scholarship.

The ZYG 808 started Soul Poets Records in 2018 under Mwalim’s media company, Liberation Multimedia, LLC.

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