What Would He Steal From Deadmau5? Q&A With Jake Shanahan



Jake Shanahan Interview Hammarica PR

You have a few new releases coming out. We heard a rumour one of those will be on Armada? Tell us a bit more about that.

Your heard correct! I have a few major releases coming up towards the end of this year. I have a two track EP with DaftBeatz, an absolute genius in the studio coming out on Armada Music.


What’s the word on the street for new Jake Shanahan remixes?

As of right now I am doing crazy amounts of remixes. I am doing an official remix for the masterminds who created, “Anthem” a couple years ago, FILO & PERI. I am also doing two remixes for two top labels that I cannot release yet!

If you look at your list of productions you have done so far. Which of those stands out the most to you and why?

I have a few personal favorites, but as most producers know it’s very hard to pick a favorite track since all of our material is continuing to grow and getting better each release. The release that sticks out and has gotten the most success since day 1 is, “Passion.” I wrote this track with Sebastien Lintz and got a personal edit from world renowned, HARDWELL. The track charted on many markets, and today is still being played, a year later! Other than that my favorite would be writing, “On The Otherside” that came out on PinkStar with Tyler Sherritt.

If you could steal one item from Deadmau5′ studio, what would that be?

Thats easy! HIS BRAIN! Guy is a pure genius, I don’t care how many people hate on this guy, there is nothing Joel does that upsets me. He’s a character and a true artist that has made dance music a world movement. Without Joel I think this industry would be standing still. But with all seriousness i’d like his computer with all his secrets.

Who is your favorite female DJ and would you ask her out for a date?

Kristina Sky, she’s so down to earth. I really haven’t met many female djs since it is pretty rare, but I honestly have so much respect for any of them. Ask her out? Ya why the $%^& not! She enjoys the music that I produce!

What is your label top 5 for the hottest quality releases?

A lot of labels are looking to feed off each other in a bad way this year. Many labels sound the same, but for me a few stick out and continue to make it on my radio/live sets.

1. Revealed Recordings

2. Spinnin

3. Musical Freedom

4. Rising Music

5. Armada

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

Thanks for taking the time to read and hope to connect with you all at some point. Look for new releases to be coming between September-December 2012. Make sure to follow me on facebook/twitter and find all new releases @ jakeshanahan.com … Till next time!




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